ART INCONTRO offers slow and creative travel experiences to small groups of travellers combining excursions with Italian art workshops. Our aim is encapsulated in the Italian word incontro, implying a connection between the traveller and the host community that goes beyond sightseeing and touring.

ART INCONTRO is also tailored for travellers who appreciate a degree of autonomy and would like to experience something of genuine Italian living. For this reason, programs are based primarily in apartment accommodation reflecting the character of the communities in which we live.

Groups are small, ranging from 8 to 14 participants and are open to all skill levels, including people with no previous art experience.


Thanks to creative collaborations developed over many years, ART INCONTRO participants have opportunities to learn from local artists and artisans in a range of Italian art workshops.

In Umbria the Tipografia Grifani Donati print workshop and the Tela Umbra weaving cooperative are our creative collaborators, allowing us to deliver exciting workshops in printmaking, weaving and book arts.

Ceramic and mixed media artists, Elena Lubrano, Peppino and Sara Capobianchi add their special insights and skills to the Napoli program where we create handmade journals and small objects using recycled materials.

In Sicily ART INCONTRO and the L’Arte per Inciso studio have collaborated for over 10 years to offer print and drawing workshops inspired by the sights and sounds of ancient Siracusa.

In the Veneto we are excited about a new relationship with the internationally acclaimed Satori Centre for Mask and Gestural Structures.


As part of our commitment to promoting slow, immersive and responsible travel, ART INCONTRO supports the following community organisations and social enterprises.

In Umbria we adopt fruit trees to support Archeologia Arborea, a project which aims to rescue endangered varieties by using local knowledge and people’s memories of lost flavours.

In Sicily we tour Palermo with Addiopizzo, the grassroots movement promoting awareness of the anti-mafia struggles in that city.

In Naples we are proud to support Cooperativa La Paranza, a youth development project offering employment and training opportunities through tourism and restoration.

In the Veneto we learn about the fragility of the Venetian lagoon with Limosa Cooperativa, leaders in environmental education and sustainable travel.

Lucia Parrella initiated ART INCONTRO in 1999 with the aim of encouraging cultural exchange with artists and craft practitioners in central and southern Italy. The Italian art workshops are researched and lead by Lucia who also facilitates the workshops in collaboration with local artists and artisans.

As an artist, Lucia’s area of interest is in drawing, printmaking and artists books, subjects that she has taught at both a tertiary and community education level. A former recipient of the Frederick May Foundation Scholarship for Italian Studies from the University of Sydney, Lucia has also worked as a resident artist in print studios in Umbria and in Venice. She has a strong and on-going connection with Napoli and the Campania area: the region of her family and cultural heritage. Her qualifications include a BA from the University of Sydney and a Bachelor of Creative Arts from the University of Wollongong.

Lucia has over 15 years’ experience coordinating cultural and educational programs both in Australia and Italy.