• We will find inspiration for our art workshops in Piazza Duomo, a beautiful square which has been a place of civic and religious life since the 6th century BC.

6 – 24 October 2020

ART INCONTRO SICILIA is an 18 day program of excursions and art workshops in Sicily exploring the south-eastern island and Palermo through its visual and written culture.

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean, a stepping-stone between Europe and Africa and the link between the Latin West and the Greek East. Our home in Sicily is the historic centre of Siracusa (Syracuse), the city that once rivalled Athens as the most important cultural centre in the Greek world and witnessed the birth of comedy in its ancient theatre.

ART INCONTRO SICILIA is flexible, relaxed and designed to foster your own creative interests. Highlights include five nights in Palermo, the sumptuous Arab-Norman capital of Sicily; walks through lush valleys to discover ancient sites; excursions to spectacular baroque towns; opportunities to meet local artists and artisans, and time for your own creative projects and interests.

Our exploration Sicily begins with books and reading. Before departure participants will receive an anthology of recommended reading inspired by the region including fiction, history, poetry, fairy tales and food writing.

The art workshops in Sicily include drawing, printmaking and bookmaking sessions in which participants  are encouraged to develop and pursue their own creative interests. A combination of studio time and drawing field trips provide opportunities to record impressions, share ideas and develop new skills. The sessions are flexible to accommodate different levels of experience and approaches.

To inspire you further, the art workshops will be complemented by visits to museums, archaeological sites, artisan workshops, contemporary art spaces and literary cafes.

In Siracusa, we stay in apartment accommodation in a charming 17th century palazzo, located in Ortigia, the historic centre of town. The town’s main piazza, daily markets, restaurants, cafes, shops and our art studio are all within comfortable walking distance. For the last five nights of the program, we are based in Palermo and stay in a boutique hotel located in one of the city’s most beautiful and culturally vibrant precincts.