• There will be further inspiration for our Art workshops in the Veneto from the top of the San Giorgio Maggiore campanile.

ART INCONTRO VENETO is an 18 day program excursions and art workshops in the Veneto exploring the region and Venice through its visual and written culture.

Our home in the Veneto is the ancient centre of Padova (Padua),  a picturesque city of arcaded streets, animated markets and scenic canals. A great cultural epicentre, Padova is also the city that witnessed the brilliance of Galileo and Copernicus at its ancient university and gave us the masterpieces of Giotto, Donatello, Mantegna and Palladio.

ART INCONTRO VENETO is flexible, relaxed and designed to foster your own creative interests. The program culminates with six days in Venice, a city of unparalleled artistic heritage. Along the way, we’ll meet mask-makers, jewellers, bookbinders, glass artists, printmakers, chefs, farmers and environmental activists.

Our exploration of the Veneto and Venice begins with books and reading. Before departure participants will receive an anthology of recommended reading inspired by the region including fiction, history, poetry, fairy tales and food writing.

The art workshops in the Veneto include a series of mixed media drawing and painting sessions, experimenting with water colour, inks, pencils and pastels. These drawings and paintings will be transformed into a number of artist’s books.  Over the 18 days, each participant will make three unique book structures, including a hand-bound journal. The workshops are flexible to suit different levels of experience and approaches.

To inspire you further, the art workshops in the Veneto are complemented by visits to a selection of contemporary art spaces and artist’s studios.

In Padova we stay in lovely self-catering apartments in the historic centre of town. Padova’s celebrated produce markets, restaurants, cafes and major attractions  are within comfortable walking distance. In Venice, our guesthouse is situated in an enchanting part of the city, looking over the Giudecca Canal.