BENIFITS OF LUCIA’S ART INCONTRO BOOTCAMP:(a) I lost weight; (b) My bone mass and muscle mass increased; (c) My actual age decreased; (d) I accepted the challenge of making two new artists’ books; (e) I managed to get everything into my bag; (f) Most of all, it was fun and I’d do it again.

Eileen Dillon Smith, Veneto 2016,

I really appreciated Lucia’s commitment to providing us with the most enjoyable artistic, cultural and ethical adventure possible. The ecological awareness built into every-day practices was very impressive. I loved the way Lucia used her artistic, organisational and people management skills to assist us all to develop our own creativity. And I just adored the printmaking: learning a new skill in such wonderful surroundings was a treasure.

Mary Day, Sicilia 2015,

Red faced and exhausted but I loved it! Highlights for me included anything to do with Piero della Francesca. The day with the arboreal archaeologist and the happy al fresco lunch under the trees was another standout. Perugia’s Medieval Garden was lovely – I could have sat there all day with my sketch book. Staying at the Antica Canonica with the charming Elisa was another huge plus. I loved the independence of the itinerary but at the same time knowing that Lucia was there. I love the way she creates the unexpected. So much for the eye and being part of a community, albeit for a short time!

Margaret Anderson, Umbria 2015,

I counted my blessings when I was away and cannot recall a time that I’d been so happy. Everything about the trip was perfect – our accommodation, every place we visited and the people we met. We were very fortunate to have the benefit of Lucia’s experience, research and knowledge. With all the planning and well thought out daily itineraries, everything seemed perfect and effortless. My favourite places were Padua, Vicenza, Bassano and staying at the monastery in Venice away from the tourists. Staying there showed me a side of Venice I would never have otherwise experienced.

Maria Pavlou, Veneto 2014,