I love Art Incontro because Lucia does an enormous amount of preparation and is an unfailingly happy person to be with. I love the very good reading lists, the practical information and the diversity of the itinerary. I love the personal touch and the small group, the being part of a town for whole weeks, the great expanse of art and architecture and history and the opportunity to try artistic experiments one self. I love the idea of self-catering, market shopping, belonging temporarily to a culture. It’s always memorable, busy, funny, active and challenging and utterly impossible to describe adequately unless you’ve done it yourself. Bravo Art Incontro!

Ann Savill, NapolI,

This is my fourth Art Incontro experience and I have forgotten that there is any other way to travel. Art Incontro programs are well organised but thankfully they are also very flexible with each member of the group free to determine their own level of participation. This is very important to me. I was surprised that Lucia managed to inspire me on this occasion to attempt some art making over and above my usual art appreciation. It proved to be an unexpected bonus.

Janet Forbes, Veneto,

Being based in one spot for 18 days was fantastic and northern Umbria is an exceptionally beautiful place for art work, due to its location and because it provides time and quiet for reflection and for work. The program combined art work with art history – visiting various workshops, including Umbrian artisans with quite unique skills. Yet it allowed a sense of freedom to fit in with organised trips and to choose to work alone.

Leslie Muirden, Umbria,

If only one visit to Italy were allowed in a lifetime I would recommend going with Lucia Parrella. In fact I have visited many times and have a great love for Italy but never before have I felt really part of the fabric of the place. Lucia’s research, enthusiasm, guidance, artistic talents and sheer good company are greatly to be valued. She gave all and much more than I could have hoped for.I very much look forward to visiting Italy with her again.

Joan Simpson, Napoli,