New: Hand-woven In Umbria

June 2017
For lovers of handwoven fabrics, ART INCONTRO is thrilled to announce a new weaving workshop in Umbria offered in collaboration with the Tela Umbra weaving co-operative.

Over the three day workshop you will weave a project in wool and linen on the Tela Umbra’s traditional handlooms, guided by weaving teachers Unna and Tiziana, who have been part of the Tela Umbra community of weavers since the early 1990s. Depending on your experience and interests, you might create a small rug, a table runner, a cushion cover or other item. It promises to be a unique opportunity to learn from gifted artisans in a small group setting and to come away with your own hand-woven piece.

The Tela Umbra is a very special place; famous throughout Italy for the quality of its hand woven fabric and the vision of its founders Alice and Leopoldo Franchetti. Founded in 1908 as a philanthropic project, the Tela Umbra was established to alleviate rural poverty through social and education programs and was one of the first places where the educationalist Maria Montessori pioneered her theories.

Today the  Tela Umbra workshop and its adjoining museum are managed by women dedicated to promoting the tradition of Umbrian weaving. Patterns and original designs are still taken from the Renaissance period but they are constantly updated and reinterpreted by the weavers. Tablecloths, towels, rugs, curtains and runners are created using the ancient techniques and patterns of brocade, quadruccio umbro (Umbrian small square) and bird’s eye; unique patterns from the past woven with poetic nostalgia.

The Tela Umbra is located in the heart of Citta di Castello in the historic Alberto Tomassini building just a few steps away from our accommodation.

This weaving workshop is offered exclusively to travellers participating in the ART INCONTRO UMBRIA program. There are two places remaining in the workshop.

Contact Art Incontro for further details.

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